The lab is growing!

So much excite!

Two postdocs are joining the lab this summer and they are both bringing new skills and talents that will enrich the lab.

As a grad student, Josh Lowry used whole genome sequencing methods to map and identify new C. elegans mutants that affect syncytial membrane architecture in oogenesis (here). In our lab, he will be applying his computational skills to understanding the pathogenesis underlying NGLY1 deficiency. Josh is starting in June.

As a grad student, Becky Palu studied the role of Sir2 and HNF4 in Drosophila insulin signaling and metabolism (here). During her postdoc, she will be using her strong background in functional Drosophila genetics to understand the mechanisms underlying natural variation in Retinitis Pigmentosa. Becky is starting in August.

I am eager to see the lab hum with activity!