We believe strongly in making our science accessible to the public. To this end, we take every opportunity to speak with the media and to put out press releases about our work. We hope that this makes it that much easier for the public to read about our progress. Below is a collection of podcasts, articles, and press releases about our work. At the end, we’ve also included some fun or non-science ways we’ve interacted with the media.


Research Highlight - NGLY1 Deficiency

A nice write up about our work on NGLY1 deficiency on the Utah Genome Project Genomic Revolution Blog.



Clement is interviewed on the Utah Public Radio show, Undisciplined, where two scientists talk about their seemingly unrelated science and find potential connections.


Dr. Beck Palu is interviewed on Utah Public Radio

Becky, our postdoc, is interviewed about her paper reporting the function of a new modifier of ER stress and disease.


Press release

University of Utah Health press release on our paper reporting the function of a new modifier of ER stress and disease.

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Press Release

ASHG 2016 meeting press release about our work on a fly model of NGLY1 deficiency. This work was later published in this paper. University of Utah Health also put out a press release about the paper.


KUTV news piece

Local news station KUTV put together a feature piece about Matt Might and NGLY1 deficiency and how we are using flies to make progress towards a therapy.


The Scope Podcast: Getting to the heart of precision medicine: Embracing genetic diversity

Clement is interviewed on the University of Utah Health podcast, the Scope, about the importance of considering genetic diversity in disease studies and his paper on retinitis pigmentosa modifiers.


Press Release

Cornell University press release on Clement’s paper looking at how genetic variation impacts the ER stress response.


Press Release

University of Michigan Health press release on Clement’s paper that reports a new form of peripheral neuropathy.

Other Stuff


Deseret News Opinion Piece

Clement writes an opinion piece for a local paper on the Trump administration’s troubling attack on science.

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The Salt

Clement is interviewed for NPR’s The Salt about how busy parents balance life, work and making good meals at home.

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Clement was interviewed for a piece in Cosmo about the “science” behind dating services that use genetic compatibility to make matches.